About us

Association of Chronic Fatigue and Crisis Syndrome Patients - SHUKS is a voluntary association of citizens that brings together Chronic Fatigue and Crisis Crisis Patients and other citizens, with the aim of providing patients with timely and verified information on the nature and course of the disease and treatment, based on recommendations, and active participation of scientific and professional staff, and on the basis of various types of activities to inform the public about this disease in order to prevent the disease, ie disease recognition and provide material and other conditions for adequate treatment of patients.

The seat of the Association is in Ćuprija, Joce Milosavljevića 10.

On March 29, 2021, the association became a member of the European ME Alliance (EMEA). EMEA is the European ME Alliance, a group of European organizations that support ME / CFS (Myalgic Encephaphalomyelitis-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and advocate for funding biomedical research to provide therapies and a cure for ME / CFS. EMEA website: www.europeanmealliance.org

Members of the association


  • Ina Ignjatovic, President
  • Svjetlana Janjos, Deputy President
  • Vera Novakovic
  • Marija S. Dedovic
  • Danijel Gajan

Supervisor Committee:

  • Dijana Ljusic
  • Milica Jovanovic
  • Slavica Tomasevic